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St. Alban's, Golders Green Parish Church in Barnet, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We have regular rapidplay and weekend tournaments at Golders Green. You can help us, and help yourself, by reading the information below. Please let us have any thoughts about the events and we'll take them on board.

ARRIVE ON TIME: any potential travel disruption will normally be to do with the wonderful Northern Line - please check the TFL site for details and note that it is easy to get to Golders Green by bus from town, or from the Finchley Road if you come via the Jubilee Line.

PARK (1): carefully, especially on Saturday - it's free to park all day, but read the signs.  Nearer the station you will pay, one way or another!  

PARK (2): if the weather is nice, Golders Hill Park is literally around the corner and excellent for killing the time between games

BRING: a pen - we provide duplicate scoresheets (and can supply them for your events if required) and you just have to give us the top copy at the end of your game, signed by both players and with a result clearly indicated.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE: if you have registered online but not paid, pay your entry fee before round one starts so we know you've arrived.

WHEN YOU FINISH YOUR GAME: please reset the pieces and the clock (we'll show you how). Please don't analyse games in the playing area, use the analysis room (see below).

TOILETS: yes, we have two. They are as you enter the hall on the left (usually designated FEMALE) and right (MALE).

BOOKSTALL: on and off, depending on space, we have a bookstall with new and used books for sale.  If you are looking for something specific, do email me.

ANALYSIS AREA: if you already play at the Golders Green Rapidplay you will know that the main playing room is large, and the back room is quite modest in proportion.  The tables are often therefore reserved for analysis or for food, so please don't be offended if we ask you to move your laptop!

FOOD AND DRINK will be served throughout, so space for idlers (a.k.a. parents!) will be limited.

MOBILE PHONES are forbidden in the playing area.  Keep them switched off and in your bag.  If you are a player and your electronic device makes a noise, you lose the game.


See for our full calendar of events.
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